Sunday, February 3, 2008

Read: The Slow Movement

This article, The Slow Life Picks Up Speed by Penelope Green in the New York Times really resonates with my reasons for writing The Year Before My Architect. This strong notion I have that it takes time and effort to make good decisions about how we want to live.

In the 1990s a Slow Food movement began in Italy. The precepts are simple and are intended to improve quality of life. As Green puts it, Slow Food asks people to "use local ingredients harvested and put together in a socially and environmentally responsible way." In the U.S. a similar campaign is often branded Local Food. By choosing your meals based on these principles it is anticipated that you will eat healthier, support crop biodiversity, your local economy, and participate more fully in your community.

The article links to John Brown's blog the Slow Home. Take a look at his blog. I hope that my blog might slow my readers just long enough to improve your quality of life.

Best Wishes,
Paul Cline, AIA