Sunday, January 28, 2007

Excercise 02: Scale, The very big

This week think about how your home fits in to the big scheme of things.

As you go about your day take note of the way you interact with the city as a result of your home's place in it.

Think about transportation, health and emergency services, groceries, entertainment, everything...
  • At the end of the day on Wednesday make an "everything you did list" of a typical day. Use one or two word present tense verbs to describe the things you did. For example: driving, shopping, etc. Make the list as long as possible, stretch your mental muscles.
  • At the end of the day on Thursday make a list of all the things you really enjoy doing. Use one or two word present tense verbs as above. Limit the list to the top 12 things you enjoy the most.
  • Over the weekend compare the lists. Write down what it would take to move something from your things you really enjoy doing list to your typical day list. Re-imagine your relationship with your city if it helps. Describe how your home, its location, and lifestyle effects your two lists.

Let me know how it goes. Check the comments and I'll post my results.

1 comment:

Paul Cline, AIA said...

"everything you did list"
snoozing, grumping, showering, dressing, driving, listening, eating, working, drinking, confronting, filing, coffee-breaking, writing, analysing, reading, documenting, joking, parking, cooking, cleaning, snuggling, sleeping.

"top 12 things"
loving, hiking, reading, writing, drawing, designing, making, biking, learning, teaching, collaborating.

Its scary to think about how much things would have to change to get a bunch of the top 12 onto my daily grind. If I could do more of what I love each day it seems like it'd be worth it.

It would be great if I had a design-build project near my house that I could bike to, work with a team of skilled designers and builders creating a challenging and creative building.

I live in a suburb which makes this unlikely. Also, I would have to think about changing my job. Also, these list are constantly changing...