Sunday, January 6, 2008

Research 03: The World Where We Live

The house, neighborhood, city, and region we pick all interact with other critical choices of how we want to live. Work opportunities, safety, transportation, access to services; these factors and others must be addressed when committing to make a community your home. What can we use to make the best decision?

Here are my suggestions.

Do your best to live in a neighborhood that demonstrates it values people. Be interested in how people in various roles might interact with you if you choose this or that community. Try and evaluate the limitations inherent in the neighborhood. Look out for transportation. Are there sidewalks? Bike paths? How far are things you need from your home? Think density. Can you buy groceries without getting in your car? Is there somewhere you could stand on a soapbox and speak your mind? If you succeed in finding a community that values people you will have neighbors who are friends and playmates for your children, opportunities to meet and know people, and more freedom to be yourself.

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